When the Romans left Britain, they turned out the lights. This is what happened next.

Dark Age is a game of power and conflict in Dark Age Britain. The game system is simple and straightforward, with plenty of scope for skill and skullduggery, combining the finesse of Diplomacy and the fluidity of Risk. To win the game you must expand your population to become the dominant kingdom of Britain. Only warfare will provide the room for your population to grow, but only peace will allow you to secure your gains. Wars must be decisive, and your diplomatic efforts may be the key to victory.

Life in Dark Age Britain is often short and brutal. Even a king had better find some friends and allies quickly, or he’s likely to find that first contact is the pointy end of a sharp stick (we really mean this - you can be chopped up and out of the game in the twinkling of an eye - this is a fast moving game and you need strong nerves).

At the start of a game the map is split between sixteen kingdoms belonging to the nations of the Scots, Welsh, Irish, Picts, Angles, Saxons, British and Vikings. At the end there will be only one, and it doesn’t have to be the English.

History doesn’t always repeat itself.

This is the age of Beowulf, of Arthur, of Alfred the Great, Eric Bloodaxe and Ethelred the Unready. This is an age of bitter war, of ever-shifting alliances and great population movements, as the kings and people of Britain pursue their destinies with sword and plough.

Dark Age was originally played through the post, and now it can be played online and by email (which most people think is better). The first game began in April 1992, and there's always been at least one game in play ever since. For more details follow the link to More About the Game.